Roof Consoles for Defenders (2002+)
  • Roof Consoles for Defenders (2002+)

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    The Roof Console is one of the most practical accessories in your Defender. Just what you need if you are looking for extra storage capability in your driving cabin.


    The Outback Roof Console was awarded 4x4 Australia Magazines "Best 4x4 Aftermarket Product Under $900" when released and pays testimony to the amount of design work, features and benefits this Console exhibits.


    Outback Roof Consoles are made to look an integrated part of the vehicle. This Roof Console keeps all your overlanding bits and bobs in one place, conveniently out of the way but still within arm’s reach. It features a slot for your DIN radio, useful LED lighting for front & rear passengers, a lined storage locker box and has a stylish leather finish made from Thermoplastic rubber for cushioning of radios, contents and safety of occupants.


    The center housing can be used as a storage box for items such as glasses, wallet, mobile phone binoculars, video camera, maps, etc. There are 2 more courtesy lights at the console's rear end.


    The roof console is designed to use existing mounting points, with all brackets, wiring loom, fittings and step by step instructions supplied


    Kit Contains:

    ​​1x Overhead Roof Console & Mounting Hardware



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