Seat Box Protector Set for Defenders
  • Seat Box Protector Set for Defenders

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    The Cross Axle Engineering Interior corner Seat Box protector sets were designed to protect the carpets or mats inside your Land Rover Defender on the seatbox on the passenger and driver sides from the usual damage that occurs to ever Defender over countless times of rubbing up when getting in and out the car. The Defender seat box corner protector sits flush to the seat box no matter what interior you have, and mounts with a few simple pop rivets in a quick DIY job at home. 


    These Defender interior corner/seat box protectors are locally designed and manufactured.



    Shipping Dimensions (loose):

    Length: 21cm

    Width: 8cm

    Height: 8cm


    Weight: 1kg


      PLEASE NOTE: Products are made to order and have a 2-3 week lead time.