Discovery 2 - 30mm Wheel Spacers x4
  • Discovery 2 - 30mm Wheel Spacers x4

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    Land Rover Discovery 2 - 30mm wheel spacer with spigot. Price listed is for 4x Spacers only.


    The wheel spacers are a simple bolt on modification using the existing wheel studs and nuts. The spacers are useful for fitting larger tyres and in most cases will make the turning circle of the vehicle significantly better. You tend to get slightly more lateral stability due to the wider track of the wheels and overall have a more appealing look to the car. These spacers are 120mm PCD with 70.1 centre bore. 


    All materials used are high grade engineering metals:

    • Wheel Spacer material T6-6160 ALUMINUM
    • Stud - 14mm x 1.5 pitch - high tensile 12.9 grade
    • Nuts - 40CrMo high tensile steel


    Fitting Instructions:

    • Remove the wheel nuts, and rim from the car
    • Ensure that the hub is clean and free from any defects which may cause the spacer to not sit perfectly level. A scraper could be used to clean the hub and wheel spacer of smaller grit and even applying light sanding if necessary. If the spacer is not perfectly flush, vibrations could occur.
    • Ensure the spacer is flat and smooth as manufactured and it has not been damaged, bent or buckled from a fall or other miss handling.
    • Fit the spacer onto the hub and screw the supplied wheel nuts onto the vehicle studs by hand.
    • Use a torque wrench (do not use an impact wrench) to tighten the studs to 30Nm in a cross over pattern (opposites). Following the same pattern again, torque the nuts to 125Nm. After completion, check all nuts are at 125Nm again before proceeding.
    • Install the rim onto the spacers like you would normally install the rim.
    • Using the vehicles wheel nuts, tighten the rim onto the spacer in a cross pattern and torque to 125Nm. Do not use an impact wrench.
    • Check the wheel nuts after your first trip to ensure they are still tight. Recheck after 500km, 5000km and then as per normal thereafter.



    • If you find a vibration, have the wheels balanced first. Any existing unbalance on rims will be amplified by the spacers.
    • If a vibration persists, try identifying the wheel and ensure the spacer and hub surfaces are completely clean and level on both surfaces. Some sanding could help or using a scraper to remove debris. Almost all cases of wheel spacer vibration are due to the spacer not sitting flush due to debris on the fitting surfaces.
    • Ensure the spacers are not damaged. If the spacer was dropped heavily onto an edge some bowing may have occurred which will result in the spacer never being able to sit flush.



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