Discovery 1 Bumper Light Guard Set
  • Discovery 1 Bumper Light Guard Set

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    Rear Light Guards for the bumper lights on the Land Rover Discovery 1. 


    Made from thick laser cut and bent steel for strength and rigidity, and powder coated in a matt black finish for corrosion protection and a high class look. These guards will protect the vulnerable rear lights while still allowing you to change bulbs and do maintenance from behind. Price is for a set (1x left and 1x right hand side).


    Fitting instructions:

    • Loosen the rear corner bumperettes by loosening the 2x M8 bolts on the inside of the bumperette. Slide the bumperette to the side to give space

    • Mark and drill 4x holes with an M5 drill bit to match the holes in the light protector

    • Mask off the area, and spray some paint in the newly drilled holes to protect from corrosion on the bumper

    • Pop rivet the guards into place.

    • Slide the bumperette back into their original place and tighten the bolts

    • Some models of Discovery may require you to trim the plastic bumperette slightly with a stanly knife to allow the bumperette to slide over the guards for a tighter, snug fit.



    Shipping Dimensions (loose):

    Length: 25cm

    Width: 9cm

    Height: 4cm


    Weight: 1kg


      PLEASE NOTE: Products are made to order and have a 2-3 week lead time.